Welcome to the Equinox: Reiki & Relaxation

It makes me feel a little Dr. Doofenshmirz – ish.

Maybe not the take over the world part (much) but more the buy a doctorate off the internet for $14.99 part.

Remote work is normal now. 2020 basically happened online, including every level of school and nobody batted an eye. Back in the day, before lockdowns put us all on the webbernet, remote study was viewed with suspicion. Especially for those of us who started in the days of paper, photocopies and actual snail mail submissions. Back in the REALLY old days they called it ‘correspondence school’ …. cue the the Owl Correspondence School song from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

Knowing this, I actually checked their accreditation when I enrolled in CCNH. It was apparently fully legit at that time. Always was as far as I know, and was a well estabolished 20 years old when I was through the program. All I wanted was a piece of paper to prove I knew what I already knew anyway. It cost a bit more than $14.99 and, owing to a medical leave, took over a decade to complete. After reading, writing, testing, and much postage I worked my way through holistic nutrition,herbology, history of naturopathy, energy medicine, iridology (THAT was ridiculous laughable nonsense, I grant you) homeopathy, business management for professionals, research theory and thesis writing, overviews of Ayurvedic medicine, overviews of Traditional Chinese Medicine and probably several I’ve forgotten *deep breath* then I began the dissertation process. Dissertation was the real education. That process, even working remotely, included written proposals, IRB proposals, reviews and supervision, and supervision by actual people with actual Ph.Ds from actual universities.

Reiki & Relaxation is my 2011 dissertation with a shorter title. I tweeked the formatting and cover to make it e-book friendly, but inside is all the dry, repetitive, academic writing of anyone else’s dissertation. My ego is just over inflated enough to think that it is still easy to read for anyone. It may not be up Ivy League standards, but it might convince the local community college that Reiki is demonstratively effective in reducing stress which in turn improves wellness and quality of life.

As part of our slow stroll down the hall of equinox newness, Reiki & Relaxation is available for inexpensive and immediate download.

All of my book(lets) are available for easy download in the new Ko-fi shop and in the Etsy shop.

Reiki & Relaxation is available for download in the Ko-fi shop

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