YouChoose Interactive Tarot: Window Into Fall

My Jedi Padawan has surpassed me.

They are an amazing artist and recently posted a Trevor Henderson inspired digital image where a sideways stoplight onto a local bridge had eyes. We talked about how the bridges are a liminal space. “Liminal” is an idea that has stepped forward in a big way lately. I’ve had Laura Zarkoff’s book Weaving the Liminal in my to-read que since it was released. I suspect the book’s time has come. I look forward to starting it this evening. Perfect for a cup of spice coffee and a fall equinox evening. I’m looking forward to it.

Today’s cards have a forward looking feel. It feels like the equinox energy this morning is gently holding a portal open for us, holding a space for the liminal, a timeless portal and a moment to stop and absorb the magick.

Whenever you see or read this, I hope the cyberspace preserves the feel of this space in time for you to reach out to the card that is most helpful to you right here, right now.

You all know I’m a writer at heart. At first it felt like it would be a stand alone video. That feeling seldom survives the posting process. Fingers touching a keyboard is a powerful, instant portal to energy and intuition.

Four of Cups: An idea is coming, but it needs you to create the space for it to arrive. Take a break, mental or physical. Quiet allows the sudden insight you want and need to materialize. It may be sudden, but it might be quiet, as spirit so often is. Noise, day to day activity and crowded thoughts drowns out the whispers of spirit, intuition and deep guidance.

The Wheel: A tumbling busy time is on the horizon. Where are you putting on the brakes, where are you stopping or sabotaging yourself? What change do want and need but at the same time resist? This card is reminding you that busy and change can be very good. Let the good times roll!

The Devil: Naivete can be dangerous. A little cynical can be a good thing. Wallowing in negativity is never healthy in the long run, but being rolled by life isn’t a good thing either. Heads up, eyes open. Take off those rosy sunnies you’ve been hiding behind and take life by the big hairy horns and it might not be so bad as all that after all. Make friends with your shadow side, so you are not a victim of shadow or light either one.

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