Today’s Tarot: Summon up a Brainstorm

This one might have been for me too.

If you ever get a chance to listen to Menage A Tarot podcast, I recommend it…not my parts, but listen to David and Kate. They are two of the wisest Tarot readers – wisest people – I’ve ever met. I don’t remember which episode it was, or if it was one of our many off-air conversations, but David mentioned one time that it was a good idea to listen for messages for yourself at the same time you are reading for others. Except he said it way WAY better than I ever could. Today’s card aside, I highly recommend Menage A Tarot, along with David’s new podcast Ninth World Journal and Kate’s website Daily Tarot Girl. Good stuff, that.

Yesterday, we talked about the tweek to the interactive you-choose-your-own-card video readings. The focus is shifting from the week ahead to just now, whenever you happen to access the video. The shorts are the same, Tarot for today…now…whatever day, whatever now it finds it way to you. The biggest difference between the two is YouChoose readings and the Today’s Tarot shorts is the format. YouChoose is more of the energy-environment, energy-flow kind of read. Shorts are going to be vague, pithy, and (hopefully) fun advice for the day kind of things. They are all going to look alike, and the whole reading is on the screen. It’s fun for me to distill the whole message of the card down to one sentence fragment. That’s why I like Twitter. Brevity is the soul of wit as Shakes peare wrote.

Whatever day you choose your card, that it day where it applies. Whatever day the idea crosses your path, it’s an idea that matters and the day it matters on.

If it sounds like trying to be messenger for synchronicity, it is.

Interpreter of energy, messenger for synchronicity; That’s what Tarot Readers do.

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