Today’s Tarot: Data Driven

“Today’s Tarot” is a series of one card daily meditation style Tarot readings. blog posts (and youtube shorts) One card meditations are a great way to learn the cards and to build a relationship with Tarot as a a way to enrich your quality of life.

One card readings are also perfect for a very narrow, focused look at a single, well-known topic. It is a good for a quick follow up on how things are going after a bigger reading.

If you order a $5 one card meditation by email, it will be longer, more personalized, and much more focused just on your individual energy instead of reading the general cultural energy environment, like blog post and YouTube readings tend to do.

Stay tuned for an example of a personalized one-card meditation reading. Please follow the blog so all new posts come right to your inbox – that way you won’t miss a thing.

Today, the Ace of Swords reminds us to use our dang heads.

Swords often denote action. They are also associated with the element air, and with mind and intellect. If we look at the suits in terms of how they relate you to your life in general, swords are your relationship with society, culture, rules and authority. The authority part steps forward here…your authority and the decisions you make for yourself in life in particular.

The energy today calls for incisive intellect. Decide based on facts and data more than emotion. “Work the problem” as they said in the Apollo 13 movie. Work through things through step by step, deliberately, logically. Thankfully, no one is stranded in outer space, so it may help to slow down as much as possible to help that happen.

Interested in a Tarot reading, but not sure if distance is right for you? It can hold all the same magic and insight of a live reading, especially if you are a book lover like me.

TaoCraft Tarot by email is a reader’s reading.

A customized, individualized one card meditation is an affordable way to sample the style. Order yours HERE.

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