Calling it

“…researchers from University College London published a study in the journal “Brain” that describes how some patients have suffered temporary brain dysfunction, strokes, nerve damage, and other neurological problems concurrent with COVID-19.” –

Even though it it is a year-old article, I haven’t heard of any newer studies that contradict it. This just confirms my decision to put in-person Tarot on hold again until further notice.

No appointment email and live online or phone readings by appointment are OPEN.

I like my brain.

I hope you like yours, too. I hope everyone will get vaccinated AND wear a mask in indoor public spaces because even we, the vaxxed and responsible, can spread these highly contagious and potentially lethal mutant delta germs to young children, immunocompromised people, and unvaccinated rightwingdumasses.

Oh – and wash your damn hands. It’s almost regular flu season again too.

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