Because … SCIENCE!!

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I’m vaxxed.  So are a majority of folks over 12 in our county and community transmission is low per the cdc website.

So in keeping that data, in-person individual readings are back on a reduced summer scedule.

If you are not vaccinated, please wear a mask because nobody wants your delta varient cooties.

If you are not vaccinated ffs GET vaccinated, nobody wants you to die, either. Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.

I’m not being rude, but I won’t be shaking hands and will be using hand sanitizer for both of our sakes.

Party Tarot is back with an updated service area starting in September…just in time to schedule for Halloween.

Masking policy and the status of in person sevices are subject to change. I’m following the data and setting the rules as the situation warrants. Because … science !!

Details HERE, link in profile. Image by @bitmoji (❤ that app)

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