Something new has hatched for you

Happy Spring equinox!

I’m happy to announce a NEW format for all email readings on the TaoCraft Tarot website (Etsy shop readings are unchanged)

Now you get a video introduction with every reading. Not just text and a photo, not just a lengthy video file to download. You get the best of both worlds in one private document because…

Vox humana

There is something special about a human voice. That includes real people voices not just YouTube or professional media voices. It’s a human touch that that technology still can’t quite replicate.

We all respond to the human voice one way or another, but we all learn from voices differently. Language touches our hearts and lives in our brains in individual ways. Some, like me, are bookworms. I love to read, I learn from books easily and I write very well. It’s my thing. Other people are audiophiles. I have multiple family members who learn and engage with ideas magnitudes better when it comes to them through the spoken word. Audiobooks and podcasts are invaluable to them. Still others need an immersive experience that uses both seeing, hearing and hands-on interaction.

That’s why I’m introducing a unique kind of distance Tarot reading that combines audio, video AND text to provide an enriched distance Tarot experience that works for all kinds of people.

With the new TaoCraft Tarot distance readings, you get the no-appointment-needed convenience of email but also a taste of the immersive in-person experience.

All at the same price as before. LIVE phone readings are still available and the same as always. I hope you’ll try a session.

There is more to come. I have other plans, and will be re-doing “The Big Explainer” behind-the-scenes peek at card layouts on the YouTube channel as I hone some some video & presentation skills. (ie fuck it I’m reading from a script) and putting some examples here on the blog. I’d LOVE it if one of you would send me a questions (or permission for an open reading) that I could answer in the blog for you (no names or identifying information, of course. You’d know who you are. Use the comments, because I moderate them and wouldn’t make that one public OR just email me at

But welcome to spring, a little change and a seed planted with the intention that it brings happiness and prosperity to all.

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I read Tarot, write e-books and make stuff. 25 + years experience reading Tarot, oracle cards. Retired Tai Chi instructor. Reiki master-practitioner 20+ years

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