The Distance Difference

Spent some time this afternoon updating the ABOUT section of the main menu. I hope you’ll browse around the site. I’ve tried to tuck some interesting bits here and there that I hope you’ll enjoy. Meanwhile here is my second favorite soapbox subject: Distance Tarot is just as effective as in-person Tarot.

Distance Tarot readings are my specialty. Order yours here.

The difference between live Tarot and distance Tarot is like the difference between podcast and an e-book.

It’s the same message, the same information, almost the same words except that you listen to one and read the other. One tends to have a conversational style while the other has a little extra depth and refinement. Both can be as lighthearted and fun or as profound and poetic as you need it to be.

Writing comes naturally to me, I enjoy it. I can type out a Tarot session as effortlessly as other psychics speak them. Keyboards are a like a direct hotline plugged right to my intuition. You get exactly the same reading as you would in-person. The information is the same either way.

Each format has different advantages and disadvantages. The difference isn’t in the substance of the reading. The difference is all surface aesthetics. The cake is the same, the difference is the frosting.

I’ve been asked “how can you read me if I’m not in the same room with you?” The answer is that I’m not actually really reading you at all. I’m reading universal life energy to get its message for you. The message comes in to me the same way, whether we are across a table or across the globe from each other. It makes no difference if I give the message out to you by speaking it or typing it.

Live phone readings are a middle ground. They require an appointment like in-person readings do, so they are less convenient than email readings. Phone readings are social and conversational and allow for questions in real time. All email distance readings include a follow up email for questions at no extra charge. Both have questions and conversation – it just happens at a different pace.

The biggest difference between a live session and a distance reading is on your side of things. It is all about how you want to take the message in. Live readings are raw and unedited. Written readings are more thoughtful and artfully worded. It is up to you whether you would rather use your ears or your eyes to take in the message that spirit gives to you.

Distance Tarot Has Many Advantages

Convenient: No appointment needed for email or video readings. Order the reading whenever you want, 24/7. Open the email (or snail mail for paper and ink style) and experience your reading whenever you want, as often as you want. Live phone readings are almost as easy, but require prepayment and an appointment.

Affordable: With email, I can offer smaller layouts that are not cost effective to do in-person. E-mail readings start as low as $5.

Private: No one sees you go anywhere. It is entirely up to you when and where you order and read your Tarot session.

Eco-friendly: Neither of us have to travel anywhere, no is gasoline burned, no paper used, no trees cut. I opted for a renewable electricity provider, so there is nearly zero carbon footprint for the whole thing!

Affordable: By working online, by phone, in public spaces or at your party venue (when in-person is available) I don’t have to keep an office or storefront. I pass those savings on to you. I charge per-session not per-minute so you know your full cost up front before the reading ever begins. A $40 seven card reading usually lasts 45 minutes to an hour. Compare that to the average $90-$100 per hour that some psychics charge (source:

Email and Phone Tarot is Covid-19 safe – for both of us.

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I read Tarot, write e-books and make stuff. 25 + years experience reading Tarot, oracle cards. Retired Tai Chi instructor. Reiki master-practitioner 20+ years

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