Today’s Tarot: Perspective and Flow

Today’s Tarot with the 6 of Swords: Flow and perspective.

I haven’t canoed much.

I grew up in a very rural, mountainous place. It was great for outdoor things, known for rock climbing and white water kayaking. Not a lot of paddling across a placid lake going on there. But, like surfers, kayak enthusiasts know a fair bit about going with the flow, navigating the fast currents and avoiding the kill-you-dead rocks.

I don’t kayak either, but I appreciate the flow thing. When I first read about yielding, go with the flow interpretations for the six of swords, it made immediate, innate sense. That’s kind of how canoes and kayaks work.

Often there are minor arcana cards that echo a major arcana card only with lesser intensity and sometimes a bit more optimism. I see two connections between the six of swords and the major arcana. It is an antidote to the Hanged Man. Flow is forward movement.

Sometimes the card has a perspective, broad view, gestalt feel to it, like a lesser known interpretation of the Tower card. Here that connection to perspective and the big picture is unlocked in the artwork on the card. Think of the view for the person paddling and steering the canoe. The close and narrow view is filled with obstacles, sharp swords. The larger view, where the figure is looking, is open, smooth, obstacle free water. In short, use the larger to steer by, while giving an occasional glance to the near obstacles and issues. It always amazes me that there is never any leaks or breaks around the swords. But let’s not be pedantic. The artist might just be showing the card suit and number. It feels like an important aside: Keep an eye on near terms obstacles and potential problems, but steer according to the larger view. Look to the wider horizon then flow toward the good parts.

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