Tree Thinking

Timing is a thing.

The queen of cups and the four of cups have been showing up a lot lately. Most of the professional Tarot readers I know have had the experience where a message for us will piggyback through the same cards as the message for our clients. Especially if there is a repeating meta-pattern. You’ve seen it. Remember the way Pentacle cards kept turning up and gave a pattern of advice that seemed relevant to the general pandemic zeitgeist in addition to the individual messages for the blog (that you saw) and the individual messages (that you didn’t see)

The same thing happened here. There has been a little tweek to the website and business-y end of TaoCraft that has been niggling at me. It was one of those six of one vs half-dozen of the other kind of things. It was super minor, no hurry stuff, so I just hadn’t yet done a reading for myself (it is, after all, that elfcon 1 time of year and handmade gifts don’t care about pandemics) Then, wrapped up in a bow like a gift from the universe, cards piggybacked my answer in along with all the other messages.

Not only does that give me my personal answer right along with the other information, it reaffirms what I’ve observed and believed alabout Tarot all along: The right message will find you one way or another. It might be through cards that repeat until you get the clue. It might be a sudden epiphany of unrelated dots that suddenly connect. It might be pure synchronicity. But one way or another, your guidance will come. My advice is to, whenever you can, respond to the tap on the shoulder before life has to hit you in the face with a frying pan.

The four of cups is associated with meditation. I tend to fall into the trap of thinking that an answer will come DURING meditation time itself. But that isn’t always the case, I’ve found. Ideas still come at the usual weird times as when I’ve let meditation practice slip. The light bulb still clicks on in the shower or while washing dishes or on a long drive. That spontaneous process seems to happen more easily and with more clarity during days and weeks when meditation was part of the overall mix of life.

Life will bring answers sooner or later, in one form or another. The right message will find its way to you. A relaxed, quiet mindset helps that process flow.

Answers come in their own time and timing. We may not all be able to go sit under a tree and think. But we can all make time to just let our thoughts flow by. In those times without striving or grasping, the way is made for the answer to find us.

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