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Whelp, yesterday was a day and days happen. The website and Etsy shop are ALWAYS open and you can order readings 24/7/365 – but this was a reminder to both of us that there might be some hiccups and delivery delays nights, weekends and U.S. holidays. Now that my daughter is older, TaoCraft has my attention most of the time, but there will always be days here and there where family gets first dibs and it might take a day to get content up here or on the YouTube channel.

There is still a learning curve for me on this YouTube thing. The lighting with this new deck on a rainy day is a prime example. While part of me wants to produce a “banger every time” edited, media production quality video there are three main reasons why I chose not to do that.

1. I don’t know how. TaoCraft Tarot is made up of me, my tablet, my deck and that is IT. I have neither the computing power nor the know-how to be the Markaplier of Tarot channels.

2. I HATE being on camera. This whole re-branding adventure is about authenticity. I don’t want to be yet another talking head speech to camera Tarot Vlog.

3. I want the YouTube videos to be as authentic as the rest of TaoCraft Tarot. If the videos are crap, it’s because I’m still authentically suckish at making them. (Not saying that won’t change as I learn on the fly) Live Tarot sessions don’t come with an edit button. If we ever work together in real time, either in-person or by phone, there will be times where I pause to listen to intuition, or have to try a couple of times to get the just-right word. It isn’t perfect but it is real.

The whole reason for having a YouTube channel is so you can get a feel for what a live session would be like. It isn’t quite there yet. In a live session is WAY more comfortable and articulate. Kind of like the blog. Ah well, it will get there. Meanwhile, let’s get comfy here on the print side.

Left: The Hierophant. Some decks call this the pope. This and the Judgement card are big triggers for me because of the overtly christian imagery. Two things brought the card into focus for me: Diane Morgan’s interpretation of the card as general “social conventions” and JoAnn Dinelli’s “keeper of the traditions.” Of those two threads of energy, this week the card leans toward the social convention side. I hear “play the game” not in a manipulative sense or to suggest hiding your true self. It is more like the adage discretion is the better part of valor. Know your audience. Dress the part for that job interview. Now is not the time to overshare. Take care who you show your true self to. It is OK to protect the pearl that is the true you when there are so many swine around. Doing the social dance might just keep you from being trampled.

Center: Four of Cups. Don’t push. Look inward more than outward. It’s a good week for introspection, meditation, and generally mulling things over. Inward can go forward or backward in time. Mull over what has happened, assess things as they are, then ponder what to do next. There isn’t any sense of urgency. Take your time, do it right. Mr. Franklin was right. This is a week where haste might make waste.

Rignt: Eight of Wands. Stay frosty. You aren’t in control at the moment but your time will come. You did what you could at the time, but now decisions and actions have moved elsewhere and you have to wait for new developements before you can make your next plans and steps. Some bit of information you need may not yet be known or clear. It is very much like archery right now. You did your part, when you pulled the bow and took aim, metaphorically speaking. The arrow is in the air now, no longer under your control. Watch where it lands. Then you’ll know the score, and what you need to do next.

Thanks for your patience with the YouTube foray outside of the comfort zone. We’ll figure that out as we go along, just like anything else in life and Tarot.

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I read Tarot, write e-books and make stuff. 25 + years experience reading Tarot, oracle cards. Retired Tai Chi instructor. Reiki master-practitioner 20+ years

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