Let’s Predict the Election!

One thing hasn’t changed from the Modern Oracle Days.


In my experience, they still work the same way as they always have. That’s why I brought “Zombie Cat” and “100% accurate predictions and a big cube of jello” over here from the old archives.

I’m not a physics or statistics person. Or at least I’ve never been formally educated in the subjects. Still, it seems to me that Tarot is more akin to fluid dynamics, probabilities and the butterfly effect than a 100% accurate friendly phone psychic infomercial. Yoda was right. The future is fluid and changing and the product of cause and effect – with causes as complex and ephemeral as someone making a choice.

Besides, what would you DO with the information even if accurate predictions were possible? What are the ethical considerations? What are the quality of life considerations?

Take, for example, today’s U.S. elections. More and more with each passing minute, the deed is done, the cake is baked, our spam is in the can so just enjoy the ride and wait for the the whole electoral college nonsense to do its thing. If, accurately or not, we predict the election now, what good is it when it is too late to act on the information?

If we tried to predict it months ago, when there was still time to do different things and make different choices based on the prediction, then those very actions and choices would change the prediction itself. A prediction made in time to be actionable could be invalidated in a heartbeat.

Let me ask you this: how helpful is you favorite GPS app or device if you have one?

Predictions aren’t super useful, but navigation IS. Navigation is what good psychic and Tarot work actually DOES.

GPS doesn’t predict where you are going. You decided that when you entered your destination. GPS can tell you high traffic areas and alternate routes. GPS doesn’t predict the cars you pass or things by the roadside, but it certainly helps navigating to wherever you want to go. Intuition, psychics and Tarot can tell you which directions the energies and probabilities are headed. It can show the shortest way to where you want your life path to go. It can show where there are blockages and potential challenges, but is not so great at predicting other people who pass through or exact events along your way.

Psychic Tarot isn’t the right tool for every situation and this is one of them. This election is far too important to play around with “predictions.” Lives are literally at stake. Justice and civil rights and democracy is at stake. This isn’t a time for frivolous predictions. This is a time for reason, speaking out, peaceful protest if necessary, but above all this is a time to vote.

As with medical questions, trying to read this situation is about using the right tool for the right job. As I’ve said many times, you can’t hammer nails with your cell phone and you can’t make a phone call on a hammer. You can’t even send a text. The right tool for this situation is data, logic, stress management, and accepting the fact that we don’t know how this is going to end until it does.

Readings touch subtle energy. That is the nature of Tarot and intuition. I personally am not willing to engage with the radioactive toxic brew of political energy here in ‘Murica today. You can use the “Zombie Cat” yes or no layout to predict the election all you want for yourself, if you like. (I show you how it is done on the YouTube channel) Don’t get me wrong, predictions can have deep value. Predicting this election is very instructive in one way. If you get an answer you don’t like, it shows you where your attachments and expectations really lie.

PLUS (and this is no small thing) these ‘predictive’ yes/no readings are a straight up giggle. Back in the before time, when I was still doing business and party appearances, I’d sit at my table and do yes/no readings for myself until people would wonder what the heck I was doing and come over to the ‘fortune teller’ table. I’d ask trivial things about Stanley Cup wins, or what to make for dinner, or if mail order packages would arrive on time – stuff like that. Never underestimate the value of humor on a stressful day.

Because of that light, fun factor, I waive the rules about predictions …. I mean …. Zombie Cat doesn’t have any rules about predictions in his yes/no readings. So if you want a predictions you have to talk to Zombie Cat. Ask anything! He’ll read any question so long as you realize there is a 50% chance he will get your question dead wrong. Maybe more. After all, he’s a zombie. And a cat.

P.S. If you want to ask Zombie Cat a question about anything, now is your chance! Zombie Cat shambles off (at least until next summer) November 7. Order your reading at a final week reduced price HERE

Still here? GO VOTE!

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