Zombie Cat’s 2020 Shamble

Zombie Cat shambles off into the sunset on November 7, 2020

Zombie Cat has had it with 2020. He’s going to go take a dirt nap until next summer. Order now if you want to get one of Zombie Cat’s yes-or-no readings before he shambles off into the sunset on November 7th.

These readings use 3 cards to answer any one yes-or-no question. AND they are $5 off for the rest of the Halloween season! How can you say no to that?

After you order with the secure paypal button below, send your question to TaoCraftTarot@gmail.com. Zombie Cat is extra cranky and snarky this year, so if you don’t send a question, Zombie Cat will just make one up for you, OR if it isn’t in yes/no form, Z.C. will put it there.

All of Zombie Cat’s readings are just for fun, 100% guaranteed to contain words and have a 50% chance of being DEAD wrong.


Zombie Cat’s Yes / No Tarot

Limited time! Special price! Answers any one yes or no question. Send your question to TaoCraftTarot@gmail.com. If you don’t, Zombie Cat will make up a random question for you. If it isn’t in yes/no format, he’ll put it there. All Zombie Cat readings are entertainment only, 100% guaranteed to contain words, and have a 50% chance of being DEAD wrong. Available through Halloween season only.

10.00 $

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