Happy September!

Second Anniversary website-only free tarot reading offer ends October 31, 2020

It’s actually been two years.

In some ways it seems like two days, in others it seems like two decades, but a couple of years ago I began the process of re-branding Modern Oracle Tarot and the Quirk & Flotsam shop on Etsy under one new name. TaoCraft Tarot officially launched under the new identity on October 31, 2018.

If you have been with me since the before time, and made the trip over from Modern Oracle, thank you. I am well and truly grateful, old friends. I hope you’ll hang in there a little more over the next few posts without getting too awfully bored.

If you have arrived since the 2018 unveiling, welcome new friends. I am grateful for each of you too. There are enough of you that introductions are in order. Starting with “Which Layout Should I Get” some of the posts over the next couple of months will re-introduce the basics of what TaoCraft Tarot is all about. Of course, all of that stuff is always available under the “About” tab at top of the page or in the mobile drop-down menu. Even so, I like to dust it all off and post new, current versions as a pure vanity project. Happy Anniversary to me. I hope it makes you feel more comfortable in this cyberspace. As 2020 enters its final third and we all look forward to 2021 (may all your dumpster fires extinguish) there are two new features to the website compared to last Fall: Live phone readings are back and the website comments are open!

Open, but moderated. Please use the comments to ask anything you like. I’ll answer in the blog and/or social media. I’m still going to protect the energy of TaoCraft’s cyberspace. Any spam or inappropriate comments will be obliterated in a blinding flash of white hot hellfire…I mean….deleted before they appear.

Also, you might want to take a peek at the special offers page. I’d bake an anniversary cake for all of us, but maybe this will suffice instead. Because, you know, cyberspace.

Peace to all-R.

Author: SageWordsTarot

I read Tarot, write e-books and make stuff. 25 + years experience reading Tarot, oracle cards. Retired Tai Chi instructor. Reiki master-practitioner 20+ years

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