July Announcements

I like science and astronomy. Always have. That’s not an announcement but if you want to see an honest to goodness naked eye visible comet, now’s your chance. EarthSky explains: https://earthsky.org/space/how-to-see-comet-c2020-f3-neowise The view east from our house is basically a big, so good luck to us seeing this one. But if you do take a peek, spare a quick thought for the feeling and energy of the moment. Remembering that experience might be helpful in understanding the Star card if it comes up in a reading for you. Yeah, I know the difference between a comet and a star, but ye olde Tarot inventors probably didn’t. There are lots of old superstitions about comets, just like the old superstitions about Tarot predicting the future. I’m not saying looking at comet NEOWISE will predict your future, but it might help you get a better feel for your own good intuition and Tarot practice. If nothing else it will be a pretty lump of space ice.



The special offers page still has the new “Timeflow” layout at a reduced price with a portion of the proceeds donated to the ACLU.

Also on the special offers page: Buy a second quality paper copy of PeaceTarot (my booklet that teaches you how to do DIY daily meditation Tarot readings) and get a mini InkMagick handwritten Tarot Reading plus free shipping! The booklet is single-side printed, and I’ll write your unique one card reading in the white spaces of the book, making it a one of a kind, just for you. Purchase this special item through the TaoCraft Tarot etsy shop. Supplies are limited.


I’d discontinued them for a long time. There just wasn’t a lot of interest. Since in-person sessions and party Tarot are on extended hiatus due to the pandemic, phone readings are back, baby. If you want a live real-time reading, just schedule -> pay -> call and enjoy!

Details are HERE. Use email or voicemail to schedule the reading, then use the secure paypal buttons on the “phone tarot” page to select and pay for the layout of your choice. Three layouts are available: 7 card is the EXACT SAME layout from the in-person sessions. The five card is a good all purpose layout and particularly well suited to first-ever readings. If you just want a down-and-dirty yes or no answer that could ALMOST be construed as a prediction, the 3 card “Zombie Cat” yes or no layout is sticking around for summer, too. Apocalyptic warning: All Zombie Cat readings have a 50% chance of being DEAD WRONG. After all, it says zombie right there in the name.

COVID COOTIES are still out there!

Get a Tarot reading from a safe and happy distance, no appointment needed on the home page. Typed and video reading formats are available by email just like they have ALWAYS been.

I’ve been reading cards since the early 90s, and I love, love, LOVE doing them in a written format. Distance Tarot is my specialty, and has been LOOOOONG before caronaviruses came to town.

Please consider giving a distance session a try. But still wash your hands after, just because, you know, wash your hands.

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