Tarot, weather and the skies above

My quarantine binge is Twin Peaks: The Return. I was a big fan of the original series, but for some reason just never found time for the continuation. Then along comes David Lynch during the lockdown with….the weather. His weather reports from his home by looking out the window with a visibly steaming cuppa coffee on his desk has to be the coolest new thing on the web right now. (Don’t @ me you droves of Animal Crossing players) It is just so…David Lynch. It’s like having Gordon Cole as your own private forecaster. At the same time, I’ve been adding a few new brainwaves to the website. Mash those two things together and I get this:

When we do a psychic reading it is like giving  a low tech weather report.

We use our brains to process a certain information and output it in some format or another. Imagine you are looking out the window and someone asks you “What color is the sky?” When we do that, we aren’t literally taking atmospheric conditions into our skulls. We are getting information carried on electromagnetic energy in the wavelengths of visible light. It doesn’t matter if we say “Blue” to someone standing next to us, or shout “grey” to someone in the next room or write “moonlit” on a piece of paper. The method we use to give out whatever we saw doesn’t change the color of the sky and it doesn’t change the electromagnetic way that the information entered our consciousness. Sure, you could get all pedantic and complex about this (or any) example by talking about perception, language or whatever but that form of output doesn’t change the essential incoming message. It doesn’t matter if you say it, shout it, write it, or tap it out in Morse code; a blue sky is a blue sky. It doesn’t matter if you say it, type it hand write it, or tap it out in Morse code; a Tarot reading is a Tarot reading.

Intuition doesn’t have a literal physical sense, like sight. Intuition doesn’t (as far as we know) have a specific carrier energy, like electromagnetic energy in visible light wavelengths. Intuitive readings are a dream-like echo of that same process. Information comes in, we give it out. We look and listen to our intuition, then we say or write the message to the other person. The method we use to give out the information doesn’t change the information coming in. 

Right now is is overcast, breezy I drizzling rain. I love this kind of weather.

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