YouChoose Interactive Tarot Reading 10-16 May 2020: Learn, Roll, Laugh


If you need more time to choose a card, pause the video then restart for the reveal and see your reading below.

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Left: Page of Wands. This is the Witches Tarot deck by Ellen Dougan with artwork by Mark Evans. To be honest, the artwork is what makes this one of my favorite decks. This particular Page of Wands captures the happy, good news, almost playful quality that a lot of readers associate with the card. Pages have to do with learning, Wands with the inner world. Rather than predicting an external message that makes you happy (which could happen, not saying it won’t) but today’s impression is more like an internal happy message, where dots connect, and the lightbulb goes on over your head, and there is a sense of happy relief as pieces fall into place and something suddenly, delightfully makes sense. Don’t expect to happen by noon on Monday. Sometimes this is a slow process, like a good stew in you slow cooker. Sometimes, the less you try the better the dot-connecting works. Sleep on things a day or two and let the thought drop in at 2 am or during your shower or however these things happen for you.

Center: Eight of Wands. Be patient. This card classically signifies something up in the air, something that is in process and out of our hands, like an arrow in flight. I always think of that scene from Doctor Who where Melody says “Penny in the air” as Amy takes a while to process a thought. Then when she connects the dots and has her realization (like the Page of Wands above) Melody says “and the penny drops.” This card is the penny in the air part. Something is in the air, so you might as well roll with your situation this week until the penny drops. 

Right: Page of Cups. One of my favorite cards. Don’t take life so seriously. Yeah, I know the fish in the cup is supposed to mean deep and hidden mysteries coming to light. Sometimes that is exactly the message. Not this week. Life can be absurd, like a fish in a cup. Yes, mysteries and deep thoughts are warranted, but don’t let that process become to ponderous this week. Here my thoughts go to “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” by Dan Millman, when Socrates speaks about “the laughter of an enlightened man.” Spirituality, mysteries, insights, enlightenment – none of it has to be dour or ponderous or unpleasant. The enlightened man laughs. Lighten up and let yourself laugh this week.

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