Today’s Tarot: When life hands you unbranded gelatin dessert

I dunno who writes them, but their kind of a comic genius, whoever they are.

I don’t know if they still make them, but Hallmark had a series of cards featuring the lovably salty Maxine. That is exactly the flavor of the advice that is coming through the Ten of Swords today.

Like Maxine says, when life hands you lemons, stuff ’em in your bra. Knowing how to deal with adversity can be, as she said, as “easy as nailing Jell-o to a tree”

Sometimes life sucks. The beautiful thing about Tarot is it has that covered, too. Not everything is all sparkly rainbows and ice cream cones. Cards like the Ten of Swords can be a pep talk about getting up the eighth time after being knocked down seven, or it can validate how you really feel. It is a card that gives permission to take a little time and space when you need it. It’s for when you just want to forget the get-ups and math lesson, and just stay down there a minute. You don’t heal, emotionally or physically by neglecting a wound.

When you get knocked down you don’t have to hop right up and nail gelatin dessert to the nearest shrubbery. Just don’t stay down there stuffing citrus in your underwear forever and it’ll be ok.

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