YouChoose Interactive Tarot: Hang in there, sky puppy.

Left: The Hanged Man. I was surprised to hear there had been social media backlash, even some racist comments made about a wildlife post featuring a bat on social media. There is a certain synchronicity and irony to having bat be the representative animal on the very first card we draw in one of these youtube videos. Fear and anger really do lead to the dark side of human nature. At the same time I think it goes to show that this deck is a good one for these times because it doesn’t pull any punches. Nature isn’t going to dance around our fragile little fee fees. As tragic, stressful and devestating as this pandemic is, it is also a gift from Nature. Bats are connected to not only the Hanged Man from the Tarot deck, but also transformation through isolation, the shaman’s journey. The pandemic is forcing us inside, literally and figuratively. It may well uncover the very worst of us. Only by facing the worst of ourselves can those things be transformed. Bats have, in that way, given us a gift and an opportunity. Besides, it isn’t the bat’s fault that human leader have failed so very miserably. So don’t hate on the sky puppies!

Center: Seven of Wands. I’ve been a die hard devotee of Ted Andrews’ work ever since Animal Speak was published around the time I started working with Tarot, ’93-ish if memory serves. Initially, I did not the connection between reptiles and wands and the element of fire and didn’t aesthetically appreciate it until Harry Potter came along with dragons, Hagrid and Norbert. But then, show could blame a cold blooded critter for wanting to cozy up to a fireplace, especially on a chilly rainy spring day like we are having (I looooove this kind of weather, by the way) Here again, as with the Hanged man, we are asked to turn inward, and to face our inner selves. In this particular case, Mr. Andrews associated Toad and the seven of wands with inner strength and inner resourcefulness. There is both the advice of staring yourself in the soul during these isolated times and getting friendly with the person you find…and the reassurance that the person you find is stronger than you might think.

Right: Three of Pentacles. Hello Pentacles. They are still here…the pandemic is still here. Keep doing what practically needs done to stay as safe and healthy as you possible can. Both here and in other decks the three of coins is connectied to skill and craftmanship. This card feels like pure advice. Do something productive today to help you keep on keeping on. Anything counts. Take a nap. Play a little. Let yourself stop worrying for five minutes. Change those 3 day pajamas. Anything. You don’t have to write King Lear or solve quantum physics. Otters are reknown for their playfulness and for attentiveness to their young. Play, take care of someone (including yourself) or try not to let homeschooling drive you too far up the wall.

Hang in there, sky puppy!

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