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Left: Three of wands. This card appeared in yesterday’s cards too. Did you choose it then too? The three of cards really, really wants us all to stay on guard, continue to do the vigelent things we are doing. Keep staying home and keep an eye on the horizon for any potential storms. Meanwhile, trust 4th he preparations that you have made, and stand on guard for others who are doing critical work. Paying attention, being still, watching IS doing something important.

Center: King of Pentacles /Coins. King cards are not only leaders but also protectors. It is no surprise that coin cards keep turning up, since curating and managing ouf physical resources is top of mind – as it should be. It is time to settle in and DO what needs done. This is where we hit our long term stride and settle in to a marathon pace. The sprint to catch up and prepare is over. Make a plan, stick with it until you see if it is working or not. If not, adjust. If so…hang in there.

Right: Page of Pentacles / Coins. It’s been a steep learning curve for everyone, both in the literal nuts-and-bolts management in a society where things have changed in some way for everyone…and on the emotional / mental / spiritual side of things. We’ve learned our limits and our real needs in ways we never have before. Settle in and make friends with this new knowing.

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