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Better late than never. TECHNICALLY it’s still Monday here where I am. We are still hammering out the schedule. I have to learn a whole new rhythm and pattern to things too. After being the usual work from home one, I’m sharing space with two other adults suddenly needing the same turf to do their work too. Unless and until the world starts ordering a whole lot of Tarot readings….the breadwinners get the priority.

Even so, patterns are emerging. As you can tell from this video, Markeplier or Aurilo Voltair I ain’t. The TaoCraft Tarot YouTube channel is never going to be polished or edited. It looks like I’ll be filming these early in my day, so if you are looking for spiritual woo woo happy happy positive rainbows and unicorns, this is not going to be the YouTube for you. It is going to be raw, straightforward, caveman-ish semi sentences, with the expanded, detailed card readings here later in the day. My Zombie Cat side is going to be on full display on the YouTube side. Consider yourself warned.

I’m in the northeastern part of the USA under a stay at home order, so the energies are just saturated with both anxiety about the epidemic and raw fury at those who aren’t taking it seriously and putting other people at risk. No wonder the cards are staying in stuck-at-home territory.

The horse is out of the barn as far as prevention, testing and containment. Kiss that opportunity good-bye. All we have left is isolating to slow this thing down a little. I’ll make you a deal…I’ll stay home and write Tarot stuff if you stay home and read it. Fair enough?

Left: 3 of Coins. Do SOMETHING productive each day. I’ll be the first to admit, time management is not my strong suit, but have had enough times around the block as a stay at home mom to know it’s true.  Start off with some sort of plan or inkling of a schedule so you at least have something at the start for circumstances to blow to bits. If you start with a plan and execute, and it all goes off without a hitch, pat yourself on the back, then start looking under furniture and around corners because Muphy’s Law will have its way with you sooner or later. Otherwise, baby steps. Take the small wins where you can get them. But in the big guidance energy this week: if you picked this card, this is your cue to do something, be it something you are good at and do effortlessly, your usual work, something you have been putting off or simply putting on a clean pair of yoga pants, try to accomplish some little goal that you can take with you to bed each night as a teeny tiny little seed of normalcy. Let that, small as it may or not be, give you a little comfort. Tomorrow you can write King Lear like Shakespear during the black plague.

Center: The Hermit. Yes, this guy again. We are all connected, even when we are alone. It’s a universe, cosmos thing. You might be a guru sitting on top of a mountain, but you are still sitting on the same space rock as the rest of us. Even if you are on the space station, you are part of our solar system. I had a poster on my wall forever growing up. It was that one of the Milky Way with an arrow pointing to an outer arm and “you are here” Truth. We are part of the whole dang galaxy. When you look at it, 6 feet of separation is nothing. 

That isn’t to minimize families separated by the illness. Having to stay away from a hospitalized loved one is more than a universe…that is multiple multiverses of crushing heartbreak. Please send your thoughts, prayers, meditations, Reiki, mojo, hoodoo, vibing vibes out to everyone who needs healing, consoling and condolences. If we are citizens of the cosmos, we can certainly bend a little good energy toward those who need it. Let them know they are not alone, even if it is in energetic silence.

Right: The High Priest. I’ve always wrangled with the Pope / Hierophant card because of the religious imagery and overtones to the card. That’s my personal issue, not anything to do with any of you. The High Priest card is not that way at all. He is the keeper of traditions, not the maker of social rules, a teller of stories, not maker of pronouncements. Tradition is exactly the issue at hand, not just this coming week, but for a few weeks to come. I’m talking specifically about Easter. As someone forced to attend sunrise services throughout childhood, I’m here to tell you that stay at home orders and evangelical Easter are going to be a problem. It isn’t entirely my intent to take aim only at Easter, which is a purely Christian holiday. The same is true for other spring celebrations, including secular ones like graduations. It’s just an honest telling of the intuition mixed with past experience that shows Easter to be the biggest powder keg in all of this, considering it is only a few weeks away.

It’s ok to put church attendance on the shelf this one time. Lives are on the line. Life and health are far more important. What would Jesus do? He would stay home and wash his hands. This isn’t forever. You can celebrate alone or as a family unit at home this one time. It will be “that year when…” for all time to come. Make this stay at home season one to remember, because we are going to be talking about this year for years to come. Welcome to history.

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