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I hope this slight change in format showcases what I’ve always known about my readings: Distance is my specialty. I’m really good with the written word. Typing a reading filters through my language centers differently. The information is the same, and it spits out the the same core message as in a live, in-person, on the spot reading, but I communicate that message just a tiny bit differently through email and the handwritten InkMagick readings. There is more emotional power. There is more style and panache. There is more poetry.  For example, imagine the message from spirit is “flowers.” In the real-time reading you will 100% for sure get “flowers”. In the written reading you will 100% for sure get “flowers. The core message is absolutely identical. With the written message, there is an chance the message might be a tad more polished, sophisticated or poetic…you might get “flowers like a yard full of spring violets” or “flowers, like a bouquet of pink roses”. I’m really good at doing in-person readings…you’ll always get your flowers, so to speak, but I’m super-extra-good at written readings. In all fairness, that might just be my perception because written readings are just so darn satisfying to do. Especially the pen and ink on paper one. I use a glass dip pen (I swear it reminds everyone of a magic wand) and specialty ink. Pen and ink holds a certain magick even beyond the power of the written word in a digital reading. It goes without saying all of the readings you get here are done by little old me and all the years I’ve been doing this, never a computer program, always unique, always for you, no matter which format you choose.

That being said – on to today’s cards.

Left: Four of Cups. Feel the feels. Emotions are running high. Emotions change often and things are understandably stressful. If you are one of the lucky ones who meet the times with calm or humor, keep it up…the world needs you. Look at the young man under the tree. He looks more introspective, not terribly happy. The Mermaid is silently, patiently present. Whatever your response to these times may be, sit with the present moment. Be present, not judging.  Times will flow like the stream, circumstance will change. This moment requires a patient, perhaps silent touch. Be. Be with the moment, be with each other in the feeling of the times, if not in physical presence.

Center: Ace of Pentacles (Ace of Coins) Coins have to do with the element of earth and the suit in general relates to the physical realm. This card picks up where the Queen of Wands left off. This is beyond leading by calm management and expample. It is time do do the practical things, do what you need to do to manage and preserve. Be smart and logical. Manage your resources and preserve them, never mind the notion of leadership. Ace cards are more primal and of the essence of the suit. Manage things well and keep it up.

Right: The Hanged Man. Boy does this capture the current energy, with everyone with a brain and a heart sheltering at home to protect everyone. We are in this together, we are isolated and at home for other people. In the past I’ve written that the Hanged Man teaches us that one person’s stuck in the mud is another person’s day at a spa. My mind is especially drawn to the bird with the bauble in its beak. This is a gift. It is a spa day. This enforced cut-back in outside activity and distraction is our chance to do something deeply wonderful. We are busy feeling stuck when we are also being handed a treasure. Now is the time for introspection. Set goals. What is it you want out of life? What can you do to move toward that when this is all over? People pay money for the chance to eat simply and meditate all day, take walks, do yoga  and go on a spiritual retreat. Don’t let this treasure fall past you. If you are reading this, you have internet access enough to find yoga instruction, new recipes to try, free ebooks galore. The “hang” won’t last forever. Take it in. The energy that is touching the human race right now is profound and powerful. It might frighten you. It might frustrate you. Or, if you take a hand in the process, it change you for the better.

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