Today’s Tarot: King of Swords


The king is dead, long live the king.

No, it doesn’t have anything to do with the epidemic. This is more primal than that. Even though this is one of the cards that has been showing up a lot lately, today has a slightly different spin, different  spirit to it. Which only goes to show how a mere 78 cards can give so much guidance and so much comfort to so many people through the ages. Elevate that basic 78 to the power of layout positions, to the power of types of message (advice, caution, validation, etc) raised to the power of all the different visual symbols in all the different decks….if the possibilities aren’t endless, it is certainly more math than I could do.

The card today gave a very stage of life, natural progression sort of feeling. It is the normal order of things for children to become adults and adults to become parentless, and for younger generations to assume their time of power. The card feels like it was speaking from the side of the younger generation. It is time to step into your power, and as Stan Lee taught us, with great power comes great responsibility. If we are going to be in charge, we got to get our sh*t together. It has come time to protect, rather than crave protection.

If you are already there, well done. 

This speaks to emotional maturity and autonomy more than chronological age. It is never easy to realize that you are the responsible one now. It is OK to feel like you are left twisting in the wind, not sure what to do. The important thing is to figure out how to regain your footing. The important thing is to know how to get the information you need to feel like you got this. It is out there. It is possible to feel protected and comforted, even when no one else is around. 

You got this.

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