12 Second Tarot: The Energy of Choices Still Reigns


Yesterday, the Seven of Cups talked about the power of choices. No secret, one of my favorite TV shows. Current showrunner and writer Chris Chibnall wrote in the “Cold Earth” episode that  “The future pivots around you, here, now. So do good” That is what the TaoCraft style of Tarot is all about. Showing you the choices around which your future pivots. It shows the choices that have brought you where you are, and can take you where you want to go. 

Today, the King of Wands shows the power and control you have over those magic-seeming choices.

Not every THING, not every condition, and certainly not every person around you is under your control. If you are very lucky, you might have some influence. On the other hand, you are totally, completely in control of your inner world. You are the one to decide the interaction between your inner passions, your inner desires and the circumstances of the outer world. You choose whether to view the things around you as hindrances to your dreams, or as resources to help you achieve them.

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