Spooky Season Super Sale

Yes, yes. I used the S word.

To celebrate the one year anniversary of officially re-launching as TaoCraft Tarot (was formerly Modern Oracle Tarot) AND more importantly to celebrate all things Halloween

Zombie Cat Is Back!

Get a 3 card Tarot reading for the price of one card in the Zombie Cat yes-or-no style.

Who the heck is Zombie Cat?!

Zombie Cat is a poorly drawn cartoon cat alter ego inspired by Schrodinger’s famous thought experiment and the “Test Tubes and Tarot Decks” episode of the Menage a Tarot podcast that I did a few years ago with Dave and Kate. Read the original “Zombie Cat” post from the old Tarotbytes blog HERE.

Order your reading with the secure PayPal button on the home page. For fastest service, send an email or use the “contact merchant” option at check out to send your question for Zombie Cat. If it isn’t a yes-or-no question we’ll change it into one.

Zombie Cat’s readings are 100% guaranteed to contain words, and have at least a 50% chance of being dead wrong.

Buyer beware. After all ZOMBIE is right there in his name.



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