Ask Zombie Cat: Love Life


Q: Love Life

A: Yes? No? Maybe? Either? Both? I don’t know?

The funny thing about free Tarot questions. One of the best ways to get a good answer is to follow instructions and ask, well, an actual question. But as I read the sentence fragment, this came to mind, so let’s approach this as partly a topic (love life) and partly an open reading. Which gives us:


The Chariot (Attention)

Attention is sexy. We all love getting it. To spice up an existing relationship, or to attract a significant other, give a little attention too.

When life is busy, it is really easy to get stuck in our heads, thinking and paying attention to all the stuff we have to do. That goes double for lonely times. Being wrapped up in loneliness and being consumed with wanting a relationship is no way to find one, fix one, or keep one going. If you are not in a love relationship yet, practice on friends. That will give you social support and get your energy rolling in a positive direction until “the one” comes along. If you are in a relationship, take a minute and give the love of your life a precious gift…you, and your undivided attention.

Pay attention to them, care about them, their words, their feelings as if no one else on Earth even exists.  When you get out of your own head, out of your worry, and pay attention to others, soon you might be paying that attention to someone special who pays it right back to you.

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